Bitcoin Meta & initials BTCM Own Blockchain

Decentralized global blockchain capable of & mining its own cryptocurrencies.

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About BTCM

Bitcoin Meta is far beyond an innovative

payment network and a new kind of money.

(BITCOIN META/BTCM), This cryptocurrency operates on its own blockchain, a decentralized technological framework that offers various benefits. In addition to providing greater control, security, and transactional efficiency by eliminating intermediaries, the proprietary blockchain also enables cryptocurrency mining through computers. And we have Bitcoin Meta (BTCM) on the BNB and MATIC networks, official contracts of the project.

Polygon: 0x3Bff30c2C3af38a558FAAd489410957C9D824935

BSC: 0x6De96Dc309fdD26cdbaa681D746521921E1A2542

Our Coinpool Mission

The same principle as Bitcoin, but in an improved form.

If you believe in the long-term potential of Bitcoin Meta, mining can be a way to accumulate coins early on, and even better, for free. The proprietary blockchain also enables cryptocurrency mining through computers. This means that users can actively participate in the validation and maintenance of the network, making it even more robust and distributed. Successful mining can result in rewards of Bitcoin Meta, which can be valuable if the price of the mined Bitcoin Meta increases.

Benefits of Using Our Blockchain

Real Time Update

Bitcoin Meta (BTCM) is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that operates on a revolutionary real-time updating mechanism, setting a new standard in the world of digital currencies.

Cloud Based

Furthermore, cloud infrastructure is highly reliable and resilient, ensuring the security and integrity of blockchain data.

Transaction Micro

"The Bitcoin Meta X11 blockchain technology is known for its extremely low transaction fees. Through a decentralized and efficient system."

Fast Mining

Mining Bitcoin Meta with the X11 blockchain offers several advantages.X11 is energy-efficient, leading to lower operational costs for miners.

Bitcoin Meta distribution

"Bitcoin Meta recently underwent transformations, creating its own blockchain and also has a token on the BNB blockchain. The token's ICO has already been completed."

Number of created

BCTM Total = 28M


21,000,000 BTCM


  • Coin name Bitcoin Meta
  • Abbreviation BCTM
  • Algorithm X11 Proof of Work


700.000 Completion: 10%

Road Map

February 2021 Start of development of crypto asset management. The company becomes a Universal Capital.

Start of development of crypto asset management. The company becomes a Universal Capital.

The entire strategy for the development of Bitcoin Meta was created with the idea of solving internet latency for the Metaverse.

February 2021

Development of the platform for hedging transactions on crypto exchange

February 2022

Development of a product for hedging the risks of mining farm buyers

The beginning of development for our own blockchain to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies, creating an enhanced version of Bitcoin's code.

February 2023

The proprietary blockchain for Bitcoin Meta has been created and launched.

Anyone can use their notebook to mine Bitcoin Meta using desktop wallets for Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems. It's light to use, employing the X11 script and utilizing 12 fully anonymous layers.

August 2023

Participate in the AirDrop and earn rewards in Bitcoin Meta

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